Marin calls Perus Finns racists and refers to the statements of some legislators

The referred, for example, to the desire of the populist right-wing opposition party to exclude some nationalities from social security and added that he hoped that the party would not consider some population groups more valuable than others.

He also elaborated on his earlier remark that there is no possibility of a coalition between the SDP and the Basic . The reason, he said, extends beyond the gap between the parties’ values ​​and the concept of humanity to differences in views on “economic policy, the labor market, the climate and the environment.”

According to , these views are so far apart that it is difficult to understand how the parties could find common ground in these matters.

“I don’t see any value in pretending that it is certainly possible that we will get a government of the SDP and the Basic Finns. There won’t be one. I think it is honest to tell the voters that we are far from each other, he said in a discussion organized by the Association of Political Reporters.

Chairman of the National Convention who has assessed that there are no insurmountable obstacles to the government coalition formed with the Basic Finns, emphasized that it is important to see how the votes fall before deciding on the composition of the coalitions.

“I don’t think it makes sense to rule out a certain party in advance,” he commented in the discussion.

The Coalition and the Basic Finns see eye to eye on economic policy, but both have criticized the current government for excessive borrowing, but they disagree on climate policy. Orpo repeated on Friday that the Coalition is not ready to compromise on ’s carbon neutrality goals.

Riikka PurraThe chairman of the Basic Finns commented on the public debate sparked by the debate on social media.

“We have nothing to hide, be ashamed of or obscure about our values. We are a nationalist and patriotic party; we represent Finland and Finnishness,” he said on . “I am very proud of the basic Finns’ understanding of humanity and values. Those who distort it may regret themselves.”

Parliamentary elections will be held on April 2.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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