That’s how the teenage girl’s stash of drugs was discovered – over 400 kilos

The hotel in Sollentuna has been rented by a teenage and among all the plastic bags, paper bags and plastic bags found in the room are several different preparations totaling around 400 kilos. Another girl is suspected of being connected to the drug warehouse, and on footage, more people can be seen coming and going from the room – and we will take a closer look at how the organization around this warehouse has looked.

In recent times, the judiciary has seen how women in particular have been given an increasingly prominent role in serious . We meet the and author Evin Cetin, who took a closer look at precisely the difference between how criminal boys and girls are treated by the and the justice system:

“Is it that we applied the pink code? That we don’t see that girls can be part of this serious crime?” – says Evin in the episode.

Other :

Daniel Danial, preliminary investigation manager. Kevin Öksuz, .

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