New: The hockey murder in Västerås

It is on the of Saturday, March 11, 1995 that the 29-year-old player Peter Karlsson is found badly injured on a track in central . But the perpetrator cannot be far away.

An anonymous tip points to a 19-year-old man with connections to a local Nazi gang.

Since there are no witnesses to the incident, much will be about the motive and what actually led to the brutal act. In the 19-year-old’s , in addition to a morach knife, you also find a syringe and ampoules with Russian text and a leaflet with the text “Homosexuals do not deserve to live”.

The 19-year-old claims self-defense due to sexual advances and the case goes all the way to the Supreme Court.


Curt Lundmark, friend of the family, former national team captain Tre Kronor.

Peter Jakobsson, friend and former teammate.

Anders Pommer, , spy ring.

Sven Hammar, police, external commander.

Görel Granström, in jurisprudence who has researched hate .

Lisa Thors, bartender who worked at the bar that Peter Karlsson visited.

Mikael Söderberg, guest at the exhibition.

Göran Johansson, glass master who first found Peter Karlsson.

Of: Marcus Ytter.

Producer: Paloma Vangpreecha.

Published: 2023.





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