This is how you recover at work

Several research projects at healthcare centers in Skåne have shown that joint short exercises at morning meetings, short lunchtime walks or personal micro breaks give and strength to the staff. For nurses, research has shown that it is very important how they are introduced to the profession in the first years. What happens then can have major consequences later in professional life.

Intensive and short recovery at a center

From Vårdcentral Bunkeflo in Skåne, ST doctor Björn Harvey talks about his experiences of recovery at . Here, the project only lasted a month.

Participating in today’s Vetenskapsradion Hälsa, the scientist Lina Ejlertsson from and Ann Rudman in at the University of and at the department of clinical neuroscience at the are also doing their doctorate.

The program was first broadcast on 26 August 2022.

Program manager and producer: Östman
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