From debt collector to father of small children

Jimmy and Mikaela live a seemingly ordinary life with small children and a villa. But just a few years ago, everything looked different.

In 2019, Jimmy enrolls in an LVM home to get sober. Mikaela works there and they quickly develop feelings for each other. But they are opposites of each other.

Love makes Jimmy leave the criminal lifestyle

He has been a criminal all his life. Growing up is bordered by petty theft and , and as goes on the become more serious. He makes a name for himself in criminal circles. Runs up debts, is in motorcycle clubs and hurts people.

She is the daughter of a man and grew up with what is right and proper.

When they meet, Jimmy decides to leave the criminal lifestyle, but the road to a normal life turns out to contain both challenges and clashes for both of them.

Jimmy and Mikaela are actually called something else.

Of: Alexandra Sannemalm
Producer: Håkan Engström
Final mix: Fredrik





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