Ready at Ramstein: Denmark pledges aid to Ukraine at the defense summit

The Minister of Defense will also meet Secretary Jens at the summit as well as his colleagues III (USA), Ben Wallace (Great Britain) and Pål Jonson ().

While a number of other countries – including the US, UK and Poland – have reiterated their intention to donate tanks to Ukraine, Denmark will not follow suit…for now.

The said so needs its Leopold tanks for NATO and home defense capabilitiesalthough that may change in the future.

Denmark currently has 44 Leopold tanks, although some are in Estonia as part of NATO operations, while others are in undergoing upgrades.

Meanwhile, Russia has condemned Denmark’s decision to donate to Ukraine.

The Russian embassy in Denmark writes in a press release that the decision will only serve to delay and further escalate the conflict – but not change its outcome on behalf of Ukraine.

“Denmark is increasingly drawn into the conflict . The belief that peace can be achieved through arms deliveries is both cynical and immoral.” wrote the embassy.

Source: The Nordic Page

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