YLE: Finland is behind other Nordic countries in the recovery of tourism

Slow recovery is explained by unfamiliarity.

“Only 20 percent of the respondents belonging to the target groups of our target market stated that they knew something about Finland. In Great Britain and the , familiarity was only 10 percent. Kristiina HietasaariThe director of Visit Finland told YLE on Wednesday.

Finland also did not make it to the top of the 25 most popular family vacation destinations in , according to a study by the Promotion Agency. The country would be the last if families had to choose a destination from the .

Hietasaari said that Europeans know quite a bit about Finland’s soft sides, such as cultural events and destinations, which are also popular among domestic tourists.

Timo LappiThe CEO of the Finnish Hospitality Association (Mara) told YLE that has successfully marketed itself as an exciting culinary destination for Germans. The designation of Saimaa as the European Gastronomy Region for 2024 is therefore expected to bring much-needed publicity and possibly tourists to the region.

, on the other hand, has fallen behind the trend in visitor numbers after investing in international marketing and the accessibility of Central Europe.

During the pandemic, Finland and the Nordic countries trusted that local tourism would increase after the lifting of travel restrictions. Finland had high expectations, especially in the German, Great Britain, Italian, Spanish and Dutch markets. Denmark is the only Nordic country to have achieved its short-haul tourism target, attracting visitors from Germany in particular.

Visit Finland has estimated that Finland lost 12 billion euros in tourism revenue during the pandemic, of which eight billion euros came from international visitors. Tourism accounts for 2.7 percent of the country’s .

– We could increase tourism revenues by up to billion euros a year if we reached the same level as the other Nordic countries, Hietasaari said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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