Ebba Busch (KD): I never promised money before Christmas

On the second of September, Ulf Kristersson (M) told and signed facebook about a joint election promise from all the party leaders in his political team. Household finances would be saved in good time before Christmas. “Everyone should know that before Christmas, you will get relief for the high electricity prices that the government has created. We will not leave anyone behind.”

But and nutrition minister Ebba Busch distances herself from what Kristersson called a joint election promise. “I can account for what I have meant. I have never tried to give the appearance that money could be in the account before the first of November,” says Ebba Busch. What she promised was not money before Christmas, but only that the “system” would be in place. The four party leaders wrote in a joint debate article in Dagens Nyheter that they would introduce “a high-cost protection for households and companies until November 1”. It was just what she promised, she says now.

– I know what I’ve looked people in the eyes and said. When I have met voters and received questions, I have said that we will not be able to promise that the money will be in the account by the first of November or before Christmas, but we can promise that you will know in good time what applies and that we has an electrical support in place, says Ebba Busch.
But this thing about issuing a joint election promise, didn’t he have a mandate to do it then, Ulf Kristersson?
– About a high-cost protection until the first of November, absolutely. And then we have explained thoroughly why we have changed the model…
But this that household finances would be saved well before Christmas, a common election promise, didn’t he have a mandate to issue it?
– As I said, we have presented in a joint debate article that I have signed exactly how we thought about the first of November, says Ebba Busch.

Cross-block energy agreement

Electricity demand in may double by 2035, according to calculations. Several representatives have recently called for a long-term agreement on going forward in order to dare to invest. But Ebba Busch does not plan to invite to one.

– If the stand for nuclear power being a necessary part of the Swedish energy mix going forward, then we have reached that point and then I will gladly take care of that issue going forward.
Do you want to invite to talks about a new energy agreement?
I am very happy to talk to the Social Democrats about this issue. (…. )I would of course be happy to sit down with party leader Andersson and take her in charge of this issue.
What I think the entrepreneurs are calling for is a parliamentary handshake…
– The business owners I meet, the last thing they want to hear is that politics closes itself in long scheming talk, but you want delivery.
But something more than you offering the Social Democrats to vote for your policy, some type of negotiation?
– I offer the Social Democrats to stand for what they think is right and proper for Sweden, I perceive that they have swerved regarding nuclear power, I welcome that. I am happy to sit down and have said that we need to do that when we are not dealing with urgent matters.

“We have not abandoned the climate goals”

Sweden does not appear to be meeting the climate targets, including the climate target for transport, which means that emissions from domestic transport must be reduced by at least 70 percent by 2030 compared to 2010 at the latest. With the previous government’s decision on higher reduction obligations next year, the target was expected to be reached, but as the current government wants to lower the reduction obligation to the EU’s lowest level, the target will not be reached, according to The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Even the government’s own budget states that the target will not be reached. But Ebba Busch says that the climate goals are fixed.

– We have not abandoned those goals, but we will need to add other measures to succeed in reaching that , and it is primarily about paving the way for electrification.

Guest: Ebba BuschMinister of Energy and Industry, Deputy Prime Minister and party leader for the Christian Democrats.
Comment: Fredrik Furtenbachdomestic political commentator at Ekot
Producer: Maja
Technician: Alma Segeholm


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