Julius’ inheritance split the family

Two family branches after two brothers became bitter enemies. The cause of the conflict was a misunderstanding concerning an inheritance.

In family, it was said that Julius had become wealthy in and that his surviving brother Arvid had cheated himself of his inheritance. But there was no inheritance from Canada. The only inheritance shared in the family was that of Alfred, a brother of Julius and Arvid. Alfred was childless and since Julius had been helped by Arvid during all the years he lived in Canada, he left his share to Arvid.

Julius’s son and daughter-in- felt disadvantaged and thought that Julius’ part of the inheritance should have gone to them. The years passed and the two branches of the family had no contact with each other. It was only when Martina Mullback married into the family that the truth came out and the families could be reconciled.

Genealogist Ted Rosvall says that inheritance is often the cause of conflicts in families. Not least, it is the dream of the great American heritage that has set it up in many families.

– I think that genealogists and homeland researchers have a big contribution to make when it comes to breaking silences and getting family branches to reconcile, says Ted Rosvall.

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