More weapons for Ukraine, genetic engineering that revives extinct species and unclear information about farm sales of alcohol

Hour 1:

  • Are offensive to Ukraine the new way forward in the war?

  • About how the tradition of peace-promoting in Sweden takes place in a new reality of military and civilian rearmament

  • The satire surrounding President Erodgan and freedom of expression

  • Chronicle by Göran Rosenberg

  • The panel: Fredrik Haage, Sima, Göran Greider

Hour 2:

  • Large protests against ’s new

  • Violence in the region with many young people under the age of 18 involved

  • Unclear about the sale of alcohol may become a reality

  • Satire with Utkantssverige

  • Genetic engineering that can revive dead species

  • by

    Program manager: Jesper Lindau
    Producer: Cecilia Tengmark
    Technician: Alma Segeholm


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