More and more Swedes receive military deployments

More and more Swedes receive military deployments

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) — The number of with war deployments increased by 66,000 individuals to over 404,000 in the second half of 2022 and it is expected to increase further, ’s Television (SVT) reported on Monday.

According to the Swedish , workplaces can order their employees to stay at work if the were to introduce a state of heightened .

Some of these deployments are within the , although the exact number is confidential, SVT reported.

War deployments within the civilian sector have also become more common since the conflict between Russia and flared up almost a year ago, SVT reported.

Roughly 55,000 of those who received military assignments work for municipalities around the country, while nearly 163,000 work within the administrative regions.

These military deployments are to ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible if the country were to become involved in a war, and a spokesperson for the Norwegian Agency for Community Safety and Preparedness (MSB) told SVT that the number of military deployments is likely to increase further.

– It is difficult to give a figure for how many military deployments will eventually be needed, but it is significantly more than today, says Fredrik Stany, head of unit at MSB, to SVT.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, Stany said, “shows how important it is to have personnel in the services and in organizations that repair electricity and supplies. Medical personnel, teachers and those who handle transportation also have skills needed on-site.”

War deployment is mandatory if the employer requests it, but under normal circumstances most employees can continue working as usual after receiving a war deployment, SVT reported.

However, should the government declare heightened alert, those with war deployments may not change jobs, resign or leave the country, SVT reported.


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