Germany’s hesitation about the tanks splits the arms alliance

The German-made tank has increasingly come to be portrayed as the holy grail of Ukrainian defense. Finland, and have said they want to send parts of their leopard stocks to , but has continued to hesitate and withheld clear statements. Hear about how charged the issue is in Germany and what is behind the country’s reluctance to give the green for tanks to Ukraine. At the same time, Britain has promised 14 Challenger tanks to Ukraine.

Therefore, Germany refuses to be pressured

Many observers assumed that Germany would release the Leopards in connection with the meeting at the Ramstein base on Friday. Hear about what happened inside the meeting and how the missing message from Germany was received in . In Germany, the issue is highly charged for a number of reasons. A strong argument for not sending tanks has been to avoid an escalation of the war. At the same time, increasingly heavier weapons are pointed out as a must for Ukraine.

Contributor: Daniel Alling, Germany correspondent. Stephanie Zakrisson, correspondent. Robert Dalsjö, research leader at FOI.
Program manager: Caroline Salzinger
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge
Technician: Alvin


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