Niinistö: We are used to a standard of living that has not been earned

He also expressed his confusion that the size of the indebtedness problem is not known and the need to change the line of economic policy.

He believes that central banks are the root cause of the problem because they have implemented excessive asset purchase programs that have distorted public understanding of the realities of the and fiscal policy.

“It has led many to think that is free and is -free,” he said, echoing concerns about continued measures to increase money in an economy that is not based on or production.

told Sanom that a more cautious approach is needed in society as a whole. According to , the defense forces should also check their expenses and priorities in the future, just like in all other .

“Although the expenses of the defense forces are currently quite fixed, that does not mean that the rules of prudent economy do not also apply to the defense forces,” he commented.

Aleksi Teivainen –

Source: The Nordic Page




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