The Finnish Environmental Center is renewing its organization: a vision of change in sustainable development, life within the limits of the planet

The Finnish Environmental Center (Syke) has changed its vision in the direction of .

The change in sustainable development guides our society to quickly operate within the carrying capacity of our planet. Syke has reformed its organization and focused its expertise on finding solutions to key sustainable development challenges. At the same time, its visuals and logo have been updated to match the core functions.

As a state research institute, the Finnish Environmental Center produces information and services to build a sustainable society and promote a sustainable lifestyle. It works in close cooperation with Finnish and international operators.

“Promoting sustainable development in our society is a statutory task of the Finnish Environment Agency. There is more demand for our now than ever before. We carry our responsibility in our renewed organization by finding solutions through research and knowledge in cooperation with our partners”, says Leif SchulmanDirector of the .

“We build hope with research. Research-based knowledge and understanding enable consideration of overall effects and justice in decision-making, also during change. Our is a good future for everyone,” CEO Schulman adds.

“A justified and reliable picture of the situation is an essential basis for society’s decision-making. We support this kind of understanding and horizon scanning with, for example, open and accessible nature information,” says CEO Schulman.

The new organization started its operations at the beginning of the year

The Finnish Environmental Center’s organization has been reformed to promote change in sustainable development. At the core of the new organization are five solution units that analyze climate change, , nature, fresh water and , and the built environment.

The units are looking for solutions for building a sustainable society and lifestyle

  • enhancing climate change mitigation and adaptation,
  • promote the transition to a sustainable circular and bioeconomy,
  • promoting well-being with and preventing the loss of biodiversity,
  • to develop new approaches to achieve a good state of seas and inland waters and sustainable use of water resources, and
  • supporting urban areas on their way to becoming pioneers of sustainable development.

The new organization also has cross-cutting units for social change and information quality, as well as research infrastructure and digital services. The Finnish Environment Agency’s official duties are handled by a separate official service function.

“Although producing high-quality open information is close to our hearts, change in sustainable development cannot be created with information alone. Supporting social change requires cooperative problem solving, knowledge recognition and joint learning of knowledge”, says Eve PrimerResearch Director of the Finnish Environment Institute.

The new logo tells the story of our time

“The new logo of the Finnish Environment Agency hints at the motivation of our work in a simple and nonsensical way. It has a strong message about the necessity of a more sustainable way of life, the need for fundamental change and our long-term joint mission in the coming decades to fit our lives within the limits of the planet,” says Kirsi NorrosCommunications Director of the Finnish Environment Institute.

The former logo’s spherical, stable, natural landscape has been replaced by a planet tilted on its axis to indicate movement, change and the need for balance. Satellite images of the Earth have influenced the color palette of the graphics.

“The Environmental Center of Finland affects many sectors of society with its research and know-how. We emphasize our role as an independent, courageous and constructive influencer who offers solutions and hope in the face of threats”, summarizes communications director Kirsi Norros.

Another visible change is writing the abbreviation of the organization recommended by the Institute of Finnish Languages: Syke. The organization’s official name, the Finnish Environment Agency, will use more than just an abbreviation.

The new look will be introduced in stages. Syke’s partner in the brand renewal has been KMG .

Source: The Nordic Page

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