Almost half of the Danish retailers expect to raise prices over the next three months – survey

Do you ever get the feeling that there are no bargains in the supermarkets in January because they went over-the-top in the build-up to ?

Discount butter to spread on duck, discount butter for a dollop of , discount butter to mix with cinnamon for countless portions of porridge while watching the Christmas calendar – all supplied with the equivalent of a hug.

But then January 2 came and prices returned to October 2022 levels. You are lucky if you find the smallest clip. Even the Christmas chocolates are stubbornly sticking together with the Guinness condiments in that have been available since last St Patrick’s Day weekend.

Fewer than 10 percent expect to lower prices
Well, don’t expect prices to fall for the being, reports .

Its latest survey of suggests that 46 percent of them will raise their prices even more over the next three months. Only between 6 and 8 percent expect to lower them.

So if you were expecting an Easter hug in the form of reduced lamb, and chocolate, forget it.

Tough start to the year, but tolerable end
The last time the rate was measured, for December 2022, it stood at 8.7 percent – ​​down from a peak of 10.1 in October.

Analysts recently predicted that it will probably remain high for the first three or four months of the year, but then begin to decline fairly quickly.

Danske predicts that it will be around 4.9 percent in December 2023.

Source: The Nordic Page

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