Finland and Sweden are still striving for NATO together, Haavisto assures

“Together with Billström, we have decided that despite all these objections, and Sweden will continue their joint journey to NATO. We are working together to take action so that both can have their membership ratified and we will become NATO members at the same time, he said. quoted saying in Parliament.

He added that Stoltenberg has also stated that the goal is for the countries to join the defense together.

Haavisto raised concerns in Sweden on Monday saying Finland should reconsider its engagement with its neighbor going forward, if the Swedish process stops in the long term. Sweden has recently seen widespread protests against Turkey, including protesters burning a Koran outside the Turkish embassy in .

Tayyip Erdoğan said on Monday that Sweden should no longer expect Turkish support for its bid to join NATO.

“These protesters are playing with the future of Finland and Sweden”, Haavisto complained YLE Ykkösaamu on Monday.

Haavisto added on Tuesday that Sweden is deeply concerned about Turkey’s reaction. He and Billström have estimated that the case means at least a “weeks-long delay” in the accession process.

– To be honest, I don’t think that after these events there will be any progress before the Turkish elections [in May]”, he told reporters in the parliament building.

Haavisto saw that the applications could be ratified after the elections, but before the NATO summit to be held in , Lithuania on July 11-12, 2023. According to , the summit is a key turning point in the process, because the defense union has repeatedly drawn attention. its open door policy.

The chairman of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee said on Tuesday that Finland should think about how it would proceed if Hungary and Turkey decided to ratify its application, but not Sweden.

“If someone is of the opinion that, in that situation, Finland should refuse to join NATO, whose membership it is applying for based on its own needs, it would be good to say it out loud,” he said. comment last night at YLE A-studio.

Finland, he reminded, decided to apply for membership of the Defense League, regardless of what happens in Sweden.

“To make Finland’s NATO membership conditional on the membership of another country sounds quite unusual to me,” he pointed out and considered that it is not always worth saying the obvious in public. “They’ve been deliberately turned into crazy headlines that are likely to have more impact than intended.”

All NATO member countries except Hungary and Turkey have ratified the accession protocols of Finland and Sweden.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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