The extremists who want to overthrow the state

In , a trial begins in January against two men who are suspected of terrorist plots. The men deny it, but according to the police have extreme right-wing views, and are said to have planned an armed attack against, among other things, the Alltinget, the Icelandic parliament.

The threat from within has also been seen in Brasilia and Washington, but then in a larger guise, when crowds stormed the Brazilian and US parliaments.

Säpo sees anti-state ideas

Underneath it all simmers a society-threatening mix of conspiracy theories and extremist ideas, where the aim is to create distrust towards the state, and cause to falter.

It is the Police, Säpo, which is supposed to protect against this kind of crime. Although they do not see the same threat here as in the USA and Brazil, they see how the same basic ideas are discussed in . They talk about an increased constitutional threat.


  • Christer Mattsson, researcher at University

  • Ahn-Za Hagström, analyst at Säpo

  • Åsa Wikforss, professor of theoretical philosophy

  • , Sveriges Radio’s Iceland correspondent

Hosts: Bo and Sara Sundberg

Producer: Karin Hållsten

Technician: Mats

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