A cavalcade of memories

A cavalcade of memories

The very first time Louise and Thomas met was actually live! And there was an immediate fight. We offer clips from this, and from various occasions when they have tested things such as donating blood and exercising at a high intensity while broadcasting the radio.

The question is also whether any of their attempts to do campaign journalism have actually succeeded?

In addition, some of the show’s producers talk about what it’s been like to work with these two.

Music played in the episode:
Farewell now my friend – Ove Pilebo
Goodbye but come back soon – AnnLouise Hansson
A song about saying goodbye – Curt Haager & Robert Andersson
Goodbye goodbye for the last time – Helge Borglund
Until it’s the last time – Christian Thomsen & Gösta Kjellertz

Hosts: Louise Epstein and Thomas Nordegren
Producer: Ulrika Lindqvist





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