The Design Museum celebrates its 150th anniversary with a program featuring today’s top names in design

The Design Museum celebrates its 150th anniversary with a program featuring today’s top names in design

Show Kusta Saksi: In the Borderlands contains a wide selection of his textile artworks made with the jacquard weaving technique between 2013 and 2023. Several large works commissioned for the exhibition are also on display. The borderland exhibition explores the moments between reality and illusion, which are the starting point for several of Saks’s works. The first symptoms is a series of works in which the artist visualizes his experiences of visual disturbances, often associated with migraine with aura, while the works Hypnopomp the series examines the hallucinations experienced in the moments between sleep and wakefulness.

New and old meet in Saks’ works. Modern models and prints are combined with jacquard weaving technology and the long tradition of Finnish textile manufacturing. His works also find their place among modern designers who strive to revolutionize woven textile traditions by testing new types of techniques and visuals. Saksi uses a wide range of materials in its textile design and presents rubber, metal, acrylic and phosphorescent yarns to complement natural materials.

At the Design Museum on 5.5. Until 15 October 2023

Tomi Leppänen: Pause Paus Pause
Graphic designer of the year 2023 award show

The Graphic Designer of the Year 2023 award exhibition is organized in the gallery of the Design Museum Break Break Break author Tomi Leppänen (b. 1976) in the spring. Specializing in visual identity, Leppänen is best known for his minimalist design style. His work is often inspired by a simple concept, a playful idea or a random observation. Graphic Designer of the Year is an award given by Grafia, the Association of Visual Communication Designers, for a meritorious contribution to visual design or to raising the level and appreciation of Finnish visual design.

In the gallery of the Design Museum on 24.3. Until 27 August 2023

Jenny Nordberg: Strategies for free movement

This year’s Helsinki Design Week starts with the opening of the Gallery exhibition Strategies for free movement Swedish designer Jenny Nordberg. This is Nordberg’s first solo exhibition in Finland. He is known for his insightful approach to mass production, overconsumption, and the duty of designers to take action to address these and other issues. Nordberg’s works are often humorous, almost whimsical. Instead of a judgmental attitude, he has a positive, solution-oriented approach to serious topics. the exhibition features several of Nordberg’s recent works, which have been completed during the pandemic years.

In the gallery of the Design Museum on September 8. Until 31 December 2023

The Design Museum’s 150th anniversary celebrations throughout the year

The Design Museum turns 150 this year. Founded in 1873, the museum has been operating in its current premises, originally built for school use, since 1978. In the anniversary year, Designmuseo’s work looks to the future and to the new Museum of Architecture and Design.

“The world needs creativity that breaks boundaries and the ability to work together for a more sustainable future. This is why the need for creative fields such as architecture and design is greater than ever. The new Museum of Architecture and Design does not only meet today’s needs or remember our wonderful history. We are building a foundation for the next 150 years, and our goal is to make the tools offered by the design industry accessible to everyone,” says Jukka SavolainenDirector of the Design Museum.

The 150th anniversary year will be reflected in the museum’s operations in many ways. The first opportunity to participate in the party is during the Design evening in January. The monthly free evenings are transformed into all-day events, and admission is free during museum opening hours from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The design evening on January 31 offers a related program Antti + Vuokko Nurmesniemi exhibition: guided tours, panel discussion about Vuokko Nurmesniemi’s career and an open workshop.


Source: Design Museum

Source: The Nordic Page

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