The Loviisa nuclear power plant received the green light to continue operating

The Loviisa nuclear power plant received the green light to continue operating

The current operating licenses for the Loviisa nuclear power plant units expire in 2027 and 2030, and Fortum has applied for a new operating license for both units until 2050. The use permit is granted by the Government on the proposal of the Ministry of Economy. Affairs and employment. Before making the proposal, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment needs STUK’s opinion on the safety of the facility.

STUK states in its statement that Fortum has taken care of the safety of the Loviisa 1 and 2 nuclear power plant units in accordance with the regulations in force. According to STUK’s assessment, Fortum also has the necessary conditions, procedures, expertise and resources to operate safely.

However, the management of aging-related phenomena in facilities requires measures, monitoring and verification to ensure the safe operation of the facility until 2050. For this reason, Fortum has drawn up aging management plans and chosen procedures that, according to STUK’s assessment, are sufficient to monitor the condition of the plant and initiate the necessary improvement measures.

STUK constantly monitors the timely and compliant implementation of measures to improve Fortum’s safety. The overall safety of the Loviisa nuclear power plant is evaluated every ten years in accordance with the Nuclear Energy Act. The next evaluation will be done by Fortum and will be submitted to STUK for evaluation as planned in 2030.
More time for waste management

During the operation of the nuclear power plant, low- and medium-level waste is generated, which Fortum disposes of in the final disposal facility built in the bedrock of the power plant area. The extension to be built at the final disposal facility is also designed to store the low- and medium-level waste generated during the dismantling of the power plant.

Fortum has applied for a new operating permit for the disposal facility so that the facility will be in use until the end of the power plant’s operation and during the decommissioning period, i.e. until 2090.

In its statement regarding this permit application, STUK states that Fortum has shown in its application and in its safety assessment that it is possible to safely continue the final disposal in the current scope.

The plans for the construction of the expansion of the disposal facility for radioactive waste generated during the decommissioning of the power plant and the safety reasons for the post-closure period are evaluated separately at STUK before the disposal facility is expanded.

The safety of the disposal facility as a whole is assessed every 15 years in accordance with the Nuclear Energy Act.


Source: Radiation Protection Center (STUK)

Source: The Nordic Page

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