Caroline Farberger – finally living as who she is

Caroline Farberger – finally living as who she is

She lived at a furious pace and reached the top echelons of business. Degree from both Chalmers and the Gothenburg School of Economics, course test at the cadet school and managerial career.

But all the time there was a friction there inside her, ever since childhood. Something she didn’t want to admit, least of all to herself. But in the end it didn’t work anymore. Caroline Farberger wanted to live as who she really was and underwent a transition to womanhood.

Ran away from himself

All her life she has carried a fear of not being loved and of ending up in an exclusion. She noticed early on that she had to make an effort to fit into the male norm and tried to understand what was expected of her. She began to perform, kept a high pace, but ran away from herself.

This Sunday interview is about Caroline Farberger’s journey from man to woman, about the importance of being true to yourself and how she wants to change the world.

Host: Martin Wicklin.

Producer: Ulrika Stenström.

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