Eilert Pilarm: Elvis’ spirit took over my body

Eilert Pilarm: Elvis’ spirit took over my body

Eilert Dahlberg becomes Elvis from Husum

When Eilert Dahlberg was a child, he preferred to listen to the salvation soldier Lapp-Lisa and rock king Elvis Presley. As a 39-year-old, he records a few cassette tapes with Elvis covers on his own initiative and then it doesn’t take long until the recordings end up with radio journalist Tomas Tengby in Morgonpasset on P3. Radio listeners quickly love “Husum’s Elvis” and his peculiar way of singing. Not always clean but always with feeling and love for Elvis.

In 2001 he is Sweden’s most booked artist and also becomes known in England and the USA. At the turn of the millennium in 1999, he performed his Elvis interpretations on the BBC in front of an audience of 10 million. One of our strangest success stories.

Eilert Pilarm receives electric shocks

But behind the successes hides a long period of darkness when Eilert is treated with both electric shocks and heavy medication. He himself feels as if Elvis Presley’s spirit has taken over his body. The only way for him to be freed from the spirit is to get on stage and sing Presley songs.

Alexander Arvidsson has met Eilert today in 2023 and here Eilert talks about the dark driving force behind his decision to stand on stage as Elvis despite many people laughing at him.

The documentary was made in 2023.

Reporter: Alexander Arvidsson
Producers: Ola Hemström and Sofia Kottorp





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