NATO negotiator on deadlock, listening party leaders, “City in light”

NATO negotiator on deadlock, listening party leaders, “City in light”

NATO talks in limbo

Continued talks about the NATO issue with Sweden are pointless in the current situation, according to Turkey. At the same time, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Sweden is in the most serious security policy situation since the Second World War.

What does Sweden’s chief negotiator, the diplomat and former state secretary Oscar Stenström, say about the situation? And how will he untie the knots in the increasingly complicated negotiation, where many interests want to make themselves heard?

New deposits worry the Sami village in Kiruna

Once again, Kiruna’s population faces challenges when the state-owned mining company LKABs investigates the possibilities of opening another mine.

But what some see as a stroke of luck and an assurance of a brighter future, for others it means a threat.

– This would cut the Sami village in two. We will not be able to carry out traditional reindeer husbandry, says Karin Kvarfordt Niia, who belongs to Gabna Sami village.

“City in light” a song with many meanings

The more than 30-year-old song “Stad i ljus” has taken on a special meaning in connection with the ongoing handball World Cup in Sweden.

The song has now become a sort of unofficial national anthem when the entire audience joins in before Sweden’s matches. Over the years, “City in light” has found its way into many different rooms and found new meaning.

One hour:

  • The conflict over the NATO talks

  • Anger against Sweden in Turkey

  • City in lights

  • The Sami and the new metal deposit in Kiruna

  • Chronicle Nina Wormbs

  • The panel

    Hour Two:

  • Listening party leader

  • Public Service Satire

  • Ukraine waiting for the tanks from the West

  • This is how evidence of war crimes is collected

  • The importance of understanding a text

  • The unrest in the Middle East

  • Käseri Pamela Jaskoviak

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