In Tampere, the population grew by almost 5,000 in 2022

In Tampere, the population grew by almost 5,000 in 2022

The positive development is due to the benefits obtained from internal migration and immigration, as the number of births fell below the number of deaths for the first time in 30 years.

The city of Tampere has drawn up a demographic plan that reflects its expected and desired population development until 2040. Ahlgrén-Holappa said the plan differs from official population projections in that it includes aspirational elements that local policymakers can influence. including migration flows within the city, immigration from other municipalities and planned housing development.

According to the plan, the city’s population would reach 300,000 inhabitants by the end of 2040, due to particularly strong (30%) growth in the western and southern parts of the city.

Relatively, the greatest growth is expected in the oldest age group, where the number of people over 85 will double from the current level. However, the largest absolute growth is expected to occur in the working-age population.

The number of children and young people is expected to grow only moderately due to the low birth rate, and the number of children aged 1-6 in primary school is predicted to decrease in the 2020s and return to the current level only at the end of the year. According to the city of Tampere, in the 2030s.

All six of Finland’s largest cities will register faster population growth in 2022 than in 2021, says preliminary information Statistics Finland recently published

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