The anger after the death of Tire Nichols

The anger after the death of Tire Nichols

29-year-old Tire Nichols died in hospital days after a violent police intervention in Memphis, Tennessee. Several police officers have been fired and charged over his death.

Roger Wilson is in Memphis and talks about people’s anger over the death of yet another young man and about the demands for change in the American police system.

Ron DeSanti’s War on Political Correctness

Republican Florida Governor Ron i DeSantis is proposing a ban on diversity and inclusion initiatives at the state’s universities and colleges. The proposal is the latest in a long line of attacks on what DeSantis and Republicans see as indoctrination in political correctness.

Since last fall, it has been clear that Donald Trump will run for president in 2024. This week he officially kicked off his campaign tour with meetings in New Hampshire and South Carolina. It sounds pretty much like it usually does and we wonder if it will be enough to attract voters.

The investigations against Biden – the whole list

USApodden also takes a closer look at all the accusations that Republicans in the House of Representatives are making against President Joe Biden. Now a long series of congressional investigations are to be launched and we have the whole list: Hunter Biden, the Mexican border, covid-19 and more, and more.

Cast: Ginna LindbergUSA commentator on Ekot and Roger WilsonUS Correspondent.

Host: Sarah Stenholm

Producer: Viktor Mattsson

Technician: Jacob Gustavsson


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