The murder in Skogås: “There are no words – incredibly tragic”

The murder in Skogås: “There are no words – incredibly tragic”

The police suspect that all the shootings and explosions that take place in and around Stockholm have connections to each other. They believe that many people who move in criminal environments right now choose to act quickly, because they are afraid of otherwise becoming targets themselves.

At the same time, the police have managed to arrest and detain quite a few people, both in Stockholm and Sundsvall.

Other participants: Petra Berggren, P4 Västernorrland, field worker Farre in Sundsvall, police officer Reine Berglund, leisure farm manager Jordanos Kiflemarian and Hanna Paradis, commanding officer for the police’s special event in Stockholm.

Host: Linus Lindahl, Mariela Quintana Melin

Producer: Stefan Sundberg

Reporter: Lova Nyqvist Shield

Technician: Johan Hörnqvist

Plug: [email protected]

Hotline: 0734-61 29 15





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