Finavia’s environmental investments total almost 10 million euros

Finavia’s environmental investments total almost 10 million euros

Water protection is important because by improving the management of stormwater flowing from the runway, the microbiome of the ditches and streams near the airports can be protected,” he says. Henry HansonDirector of Finavia.

The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority’s infrastructure investments in 2023 will total more than 15 million euros, of which around 4 million euros will go to environmental work. Runways will be renewed at Helsinki-Vantaa, Kuopio and Kuusamo airports.

In addition to infrastructure investments, Finavia spends more than 5 million euros on sustainable development projects in Helsinki-Vantaa, Turku Airport and Pori Airport.

The renovation of the Helsinki-Vantaa runway will affect landing directions in May and August

At Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the northern end of runway 2 (15/33), the transverse runway, is being renovated. The work starts in May and will be completed by the beginning of September.

The renovation affects the airport’s landing directions, as it is not possible to land on runway 2 during the renovation. In May-August, landings from the direction of Nurmijärvi decrease, and landings from the direction of Northeast Vantaa and Kerava increase. As usual, the propeller planes take off from runway 2 in the direction of Tikkurila.

The parallel runways 1 and 3 are in normal use, so the renovation will not affect passenger or air traffic.

In addition to improving the storm water drainage system, Finavia is also renewing the electrical systems under the runway and the surface of the runway. This year’s total investment is 8 million euros.

The overhaul will continue during the summer of 2024, when the southern end of the runway will be renovated and the navigation and air navigation equipment will be replaced.

No impact on Kuopio airport runway renovation flights

Finavia is renewing storm water drains and taxiways E and F at Kuopio Airport and continuing the renovation of the electrical network that started last year. Finavia will invest five million euros in Kuopio Airport this year.

The work starts in May and will be completed by the beginning of September. The airport is open and operating flights are possible all the time. The overhaul will not affect air traffic.

Kuopio Airport’s runway renovation works will be completed in the fall of 2024.

Air traffic at Kuusamo Airport will be suspended from July 17 to August 15

At Kuusamo Airport, Finavia is renewing the runway lighting system and platform surface. The current lamps will be replaced with LED lamps, which will reduce electricity consumption. The value of the investment is 2.5 million euros.

Due to the renovation of the runway and apron, flights to and from Kuusamo Airport will have a four-week break, as the runway will not be available during the work. The break starts on July 17th and lasts until August 15th.

From August 16, 2023, Kuusamo Airport will be open as usual. The renewed infrastructure serves air traffic in the fall and the upcoming Christmas season even more smoothly.

5 million euros for sustainable development projects in Helsinki-Vantaa, Turku Airport and Pori Airport

Finavia has several sustainability projects underway in different parts of Finland. The value of these projects is around 5 million euros. The main focus is on promoting water conservation at Helsinki-Vantaa, Turku and Pori airports, and in addition, all airports aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

“Our new sustainable development program guides our investment decisions and operations towards sustainable air transport. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and preserving biodiversity are important to us, and we will also take this into account in this summer’s renovations,” says Henri Hansson.

Finavia’s 2023 sustainable development projects
Helsinki-Vantaa AirportThis year, Finavia will introduce an underground wetland, which will improve the conditions for fish and microorganisms in nearby streams and ditches. The project is the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. Investment: 2 million euros.
Turku AirportFinavia is completing a system for collecting anti-icing fluids from aircraft. Investment: EUR 0.9 million.
Finavia participates in restoring the water balance and natural values ​​of the Natura area near the airport. Investment: EUR 0.5 million.
Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Pori AirportFinavia is renewing its fuel and anti-skid warehouses. Investments: 0.3 million euro.
All airportsFinavia has reduced the carbon dioxide emissions of its own operations since 2008, when the company published its climate program. Finavia invests significantly in renewable fuels every year. This year, Finavia will invest in electric vehicles and machines related to reducing environmental impact. Investment: 1.3 million euros.


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