Jon Henrik Fjällgren: This will be my last time in Melodifestivalen!

Jon Henrik Fjällgren: This will be my last time in Melodifestivalen!

Jon Henrik Fjällgren: I go all in with this song

– I wanted a little before if I was going to be in the competition again. I’m really a loner, so after this I won’t be able to join in again. I’m going all in with this song. Now is the time.

“Where You Are (Sávezhan) is dedicated to Jon Henrik Fjällgren’s daughter

Carolina Norén meets Jon Henrik Fjällgren at the hotel a few hours before the genre rep in Scandinavium. The song he competes with is called “Where You Are (Sávezhan)” and is dedicated to his 2-year-old daughter Ella Sáve. With the song and the jingle, he wants to spread joy and hope. And he also hopes that the audience will see a new side of him as an artist and person:

– I think many people see me as a quiet and deep person, but those who know me well know that I am not like that. There is a lot of fun in me too!

The last time he was seen in the big TV context was in the program “Stjärnorna på slotlett” where he talked about his sometimes tough upbringing and the bullying and even threats of assault that he was subjected to by other schoolmates.

– I have received a lot of reactions after the program. It was hard to talk about on TV, one of my most difficult moments so far, but also nice to be able to tell and hopefully support others who feel bad.

The fourth time for Jon Henrik Fjällgren in Melodifestivalen

On the melody festival stage he is joined by artists Arc North and Adam Woods.

On weekdays, Jon Henrik Fjällgren works as a reindeer herder and is also politically involved in Sami issues. Now that Jon Henrik is competing in the Melodifestivalen, it is father Jan who looks after his reindeer.

Jon Henrik Fjällgren broke through when he won Talent in 2014. He debuted in Melodifestivalen in 2015 and came second after Måns Zelmerlöw with the song “Jag är fri”. (Manne leam frijje).

Carolina Norén – host of the Melodifestivalen in Sweden’s Radio P4.


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