The strategic game behind Turkey’s NATO no

The strategic game behind Turkey’s NATO no

Turkish President Erdogan rejects Sweden time and time again, and Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M) calls for national calm so as not to stir up the mood.

What looked like a reasonably quick journey into NATO has become a long bench of foreign policy suffering.

Rasmus Paludan’s Koran burning and the hanging Erdogan doll in Stockholm became fuel for influence campaigns that affect the Swedish NATO process.

New fighter jets matter

Many observers say Erdogan is using the process to rally voters ahead of the Turkish election. But in the background there are also large, strategic interests.

Among other things, it concerns Turkey’s need for new fighter aircraft, the American F-16. But also about NATO’s need for Turkey as a shield against possible robot attacks from Iran – a state that seems to be getting closer and closer to its own nuclear weapons.


  • Ingemar Adolfsson, former defense attaché in Turkey

  • Helin Sahin, Turkey expert at the Palm Centre

  • Kjell Engelbrekt, professor of political science at the Norwegian Defense Academy

Hosts: Bo Torbjörn Ek and Sara Sundberg

Producer: Karin Hållsten

Technician: Mats Jonsson

Sound from: Sveriges Radio, SVT, Reuters, Youtube.


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