José González – low-key world artist with a scientific agenda

José González – low-key world artist with a scientific agenda

He is full of duplicity. José Gonzalez is the teenager who was in a hardcore band while playing Bach at home on his classical guitar. He is the quiet and introverted researcher who is not afraid to sit alone on stage in front of thousands of concertgoers.

In 2004 José Gonzalez knocked the whole world with his cover of The Knife’s hit Heartbeats and after that he was able to make a living from his music.

The psychosis gave him insights

When José Gonzalez had too much both at work and in his private life, he had a psychosis and was hospitalized. For an introverted and analytical person who is very much in his own head, it was an experience that made him interested in the human brain and embark on a health journey of sorts.

But he is also on another mission: To use his music to spread science and make the world a better place. The watchwords are secular humanism, effective altruism and eco-modernism.

Hear from José Gonzalez about being a sensitive soul who hits hard.

Host: Martin Wicklin.

Producer: Ulrika Stenström.

Contact: [email protected]





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