Survey of MPs on Twitter 2022: Basic Finns rule – Marin carries SDP alone

Survey of MPs on Twitter 2022: Basic Finns rule – Marin carries SDP alone

Like MPs, there are big differences between parties in the activity and effectiveness of Twitter use. Of all the parties, the Finns party was far ahead of the others on Twitter.

MPs are fairly active Twitter users, and 188 out of 200 MPs have a Twitter account. But there are big differences in the ability of MPs to use the platform.

“In 2022, chairman Sanna Marin had more influence on Twitter than the other parliamentary groups of SDP’s 39 MPs combined. Almost 69% of the reactions and effects caused by the SDP parliamentary group’s tweets were due to Marin. The center leader’s parliamentary group Annika Saariko was 5%. Marin’s popularity is high, and above all, he has a great ability to provoke reactions on Twitter. Status, personality and entertainment value all affect popularity,” says Markus Selin, Head of Media Analytics, Meltwater. “It is known that Marin is a vital politician for SDP in the upcoming parliamentary elections. His huge popularity on social media only confirms this perception. Without Marin, SDP’s Twitter influence would be the weakest in a comparison between parties.”

The bite elicited the most reactions

In 2022, the tweets of Riikka Purra (Perussuomalaiset) collected the most reactions, more than 1.15 million, in a comparison by MP. Marin was second with just over a million and Jussi Halla-aho (Basic Finns) was third. Among MPs, Marin was the clear leader in the number of reactions generated by one tweet. Krista Kiuru There was another from SDP and Antti Kaikkonen Center third.

In 2022, Jani Mäkelä (Perussuomalaiset) was the parliament’s most active tweeter with 13,451 tweets and retweets. The other one was Fairy tale Hassi (Greens), and the third was Mikko Kärnä from the center party.

“Twitter offers a free, direct and easy way to have a conversation with potential voters. Vihreiden Satu Hassi, Anna Kontula member of the Left Alliance and Anders Adlercreutz There was a genuine dialogue about RKP with different parties on Twitter. They use Twitter very professionally,” says Selin.

Basic Finns are a clear leader

In the comparison between the parties, Perussuomalaiset was the clear leader on Twitter in 2022 in terms of influence and tweet reactions. Basic Finns received more than 4 million reactions. Kokoumu was second (1.7 million) and SDP third (1.47 million).

“Political issues are actively debated and debated on Twitter, and I believe it is the most important social media channel for current and future MPs and parties. Many topics that stir political passions originate on Twitter and spread like wildfire to traditional media. Journalists use Twitter Speed ​​is of the essence and you have to be a bit more cheeky,” says Selin. “Active and professional use of Twitter improves a politician’s chances of success in the upcoming parliamentary elections. You can succeed in politics without Twitter, but in a digitized world this is difficult.”

MPs from the Greens and the center get relatively few reactions on Twitter compared to their activity. Green MPs sent as many as 1,249 tweets per MP, the most of all parliamentary groups.

“Chairman of the Greens, Maria Ohisalotweeted 1,991 tweets that generated around 165,000 reactions, while Purra’s 2,143 tweets crossed the 1.15 million mark. Petteri OrpoThe leader of the coalition achieved almost the same number of reactions as Ohisalo with ten times more tweets. The Greens and the center received a rather lukewarm response to their tweets,” says Selin.

About the study

Meltwater has analyzed the Twitter activity of all parliamentarians (188) and party leaders who use Twitter, as well as the Twitter activity of different parties for the entire year 2022. The analysis has examined the number and reactions of tweets sent by MPs and the effect created on Twitter. Reactions are mainly generated from retweets, replies and likes. The analysis focuses on the active use of Twitter by politicians, which is also an open social media channel. Sulavesi has performed the analysis independently and impartially. 12 MPs do not have a Twitter account.


Source: Meltwater

Source: The Nordic Page

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