Winter holidays: Where the walls can talk!

February in DAC

BLOX, Bryghusgade 10, Cph K; open daily 10:00-18:00, until 21:00 on Thurs; over 18 years: DKK 115, under 18 years: free adm,

A record 226,000 guests visited the Danish Architecture Center in 2022 – proof that the complex is one of the biggest attractions in Copenhagen.

Since occupying its new home in the BLOX building on the waterfront at Langebro in 2018, visitor numbers have quadrupled and public awareness of DAC has grown from 54 to 73 percent.

DAC functions as a cultural center for everyone interested in architecture, urban development and design.

Along with exhibitions and lectures within its walls, it also offers city walks and guided tours to enjoy and discover famous architecture in Copenhagen’s surroundings.

Wide range of activities
February will see plenty of interesting family-friendly exhibits – especially one involving LEGO architecture for the moon called Space Architect for a Day (February 11-19).

Visitors will be challenged to create their own lunar home, strictly built for survival in space, from LEGO bricks. Should you need it, DAC helpers will provide tips for surviving the hostile environment along with inspiration to tap into your imagination and survival instinct.

For those more interested in tours (adults: DKK 150), guides take you to Nordhavn (5 February) to appreciate the history of the district, to Carlsberg City (19 February) to follow the story of the famous brewing family, or to Kalvebod Brygge (26 Feb) to understand the development of ‘the ugliest place in Copenhagen’.

Finally, for those who prefer to stay inside, there are two talks (115kr) of note. The first concerns artificial intelligence and whether it can help us achieve better architecture (7 Feb, 20:15) and the second assesses the impact of architecture on our well-being (23 Feb, 18:00). Both lectures are free for members of the DAC club.

See more events coming up during the winter break CPH Post 2023 Winter holiday supplement.

Source: The Nordic Page




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