Andrew Tate – the self-proclaimed knight of men

Andrew Tate – the self-proclaimed knight of men

Andrew Tate has been called both the internet’s scariest man and the face of male toxicity. He’s a former kickboxer who got kicked out of the reality show Big Brother, ran a webcam business and became a self-help guru to loads of guys and young men around the world.

But it was in December that Tate became a name far beyond the younger generations when he got into a Twitter fight with climate activist Greta Thunberg, and shortly afterwards was arrested by Romanian police on suspicion of rape, human trafficking and organized crime.

Hear the story of the man who has become a role model for many young men who want to be a Top G with expensive watches, fast cars and beautiful brides. But which also arouses disgust with its misogynistic posts and aggressive appearance.

Participating in the program are Max V Karlsson, lead writer ETC, media researcher Anja Hirdman and Expressen’s culture manager Victor Malm.

The episode was made by Studio Olga in the winter of 2023.

Program manager: Carl-Johan Ulvenäs

Episode writer and reporter: Sally Henriksson

Producer: Carl-Johan Ulvenäs

Sound mix: Fredrik Nilsson

The audio clips in the episode are taken from Swedish Radio, VICE documentary “The dangerous rise of Andrew Tate”, Rumble, Youtube, Vimeo, Fresh & fit podcast, Sky, Poliția Română and Channel 5.





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