Fortress Europe to stop migrants

Fortress Europe to stop migrants

Fortress Europe, Fortress Europe. After the turn of the millennium, the 40s oozing concept emerged as something of a swear word, when European liberals accused right-wing forces of wanting to shield Europe from the rest of the world. Now the entrenchment is almost a fact. The member countries have built a total of between 1000-2000 kilometers of fence along the Union’s external borders. At the same time, the number of migrants coming to the EU is increasing, not since the refugee crisis year of 2016 have so many people sought asylum in the EU as in 2022 and more are expected this year. It is therefore burning in the knots to take on what many fear could be a new migration crisis and a big question that has gained new relevance is whether the EU should pay for border fences or not.

– This that migrants are used as a weapon against the EU. It led to panic this year and a much tougher stance on the part of the EU, says Susanne Palme about the changed tone in the Union.

Also hear about the latest dramatic developments in Moldova, where the Prime Minister resigned on Friday. The day before, Ukrainian President Zelenskyi had visited Brussels and told about Russian far-reaching plans for a coup d’état in the country. Information that was later also confirmed by the President of Moldova.

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