Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention presents various artists and styles 31.3.-2.4.2023

Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention presents various artists and styles 31.3.-2.4.2023

The popularity of tattoos has grown year by year, and visitors to Helsinki Ink will have a wide selection of different current styles. The industry has also developed in all respects, with better quality tools and colors available and a focus on customer safety.

“The stylistic trends are emphasizing hybrids or emphasizing contrasts. Other styles worth noting are microrealism, dot shading, large decorative and portrait tattoos. Graffiti and traditional art are mixed with everything other than portrait tattoos. Graffiti face tattoos have also become more common,” explained Rosti.

Ambitious results

The competition in the tattoo industry is constantly intensifying. Helsinki Ink includes daily programs, such as the best tattoo of the day and a selection of the best in different styles. Suomen Tatuoijat ry also chooses the best Finnish tattoo artist.

“Nowadays, artists work ambitiously for many days on a winning design. They are clearly going to win the competition. Competition wins matter, and many strive to win them,” said Rosti.

Tattoos are seen as art, and people are ready to search far and wide for a tattoo artist that fits their image. Individuals also follow various artists on social media, which makes them even more quality-conscious.

Helsinki, the city of events

Helsinki Ink will be held this year for the 28th time. According to Rosti, Helsinki has a good reputation as an event city.

“Everyone knows Finland, and Finns are cool. Finland is a safe and youthful rock mecca,” explained Rosti.

Visiting artists are also happy to come to Helsinki.

“I’m always very happy to be able to return to the European home of goth rock in Helsinki. In Helsinki, my tattoos and my message related to dark rock culture are appreciated! Rock’n’roll!” said the Italian tattoo artist Railing.


Source: The Nordic Page




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