Are there any downsides to our obsession with serial killers?

Are there any downsides to our obsession with serial killers?

In today’s program we dig into this serial killer craze. Many serial killers are given a place in the culture in the form of TV series and movies, but could it become a problem that we make them too human? We talk to the director Ali Abbasi, current with the film Holy Spider – about a serial killer in Tehran in the early 00s. We also talk to Manele Masri, who made a documentary about the correspondence with his little brother’s alleged killer, Peter Mangs. We wonder what it got her, and how she sees this trend?

Richard Herrey becomes CEO of Kiruna’s new cultural center Aurora. We call him up and test him on some culture manager dilemmas based on debates that have been on the news in 2022. How does he feel about non-binary plovers and drag queens in libraries?

We also call up the rap artist The miner, which has become increasingly popular with its lyrics about shift work in the mine and that the ore has to come. He aims his boots at the Stockholmers, while at the same time exaggerating the stereotype of the northern worker – who is he really dealing with?

Host: Parisa Amiri
Visitor: Jonas Bonnier
Producer: Olle Björkman





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