New: The big mail robbery in Gothenburg

New: The big mail robbery in Gothenburg

The robber league consists of a group of childhood friends from Hässelby in Stockholm. They have received an insider tip that there are large sums of money at the postal terminal in Gothenburg.

– This was a big operation. I had been involved in big things before, even though this was among the biggest, says “Martin”, who was involved in planning and carrying out the robbery.

Everyone who gets involved in the work with the million dollar coup has a long and winding road ahead of them. It will take persistence to successfully complete the heist plans. More than any of them can predict. On January 22nd, the League invades the postal terminal and robs a train while trying to stop the police advance by deploying burning cars, fake bombs and foot pegs. In addition, a series of acts of sabotage against the police are carried out around Gothenburg, including sabotaging police helicopters.


Peter Kron, police.
Jonas Magnusson, journalist.
Ingvar Fihn, employed at the post office.
Anita Johansson, employee at the post office.
“Tony” one of the robbers read by Gorki Glaser-Müller.
“Tony’s” mother.
“Martin” one of the robbers.

Of: Lovisa Haag.
Producer: Tove Palén.
Publisher: Sabina Schatzi.
Year: 2023.





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