Lise Tamm – outspoken chief prosecutor against gang violence

Lise Tamm – outspoken chief prosecutor against gang violence

Lise Tamm is not a cautious general but a controversial prosecutor who says what she thinks, which irritated both managers and ministers during the years when she was head of RIO, the National Unit against International and Organized Crime.

But last year Lise Tamm left Sweden for the top job as prosecutor at the International Criminal Court ICC in The Hague. And there this world citizen feels at home – purely “normal”.

French roots and “Tammska women”

Chief prosecutor Lise Tamm was born in Sweden in 1961, but lived in France until she was eight years old. Her father’s French genes, her mother’s legal pathos and the strong women from “the domestic family” have shaped her.

Hear Lise Tamm in the Sunday interview about the consequences of being a woman who takes up a lot of space. And about what she sees as solutions to the deadly and escalating gang violence.

Host: Martin Wicklin.

Producer: Hannah Engberg.

Contact: [email protected]





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