New Year at the dog hotel

New Year at the dog hotel

The hotel at Arlanda Airport is a perfect zone for dogs afraid of bullets. Fireworks may not be set off there. Every year at New Year, hundreds of dogs check into the hotel for peace and quiet.

A time for reflection

Within the hotel’s walls we meet dogs and people and their life stories.

Susanne lives on the tenth floor. In the suitcase there is glitter for both her and the dog Julle. She is a real dog woman and decided early on – rather a dog than a child.

Christina lives on the seventh floor with her terrier Morris. They don’t want a party on New Year’s. Tonight there will be quiet reflection on the past year.

Outside the dining room sits Douglas. He was a charmer during the nightlife of the 60s, maybe he still is, by the way. Enjoy life, he says, soon it will be too late.

Of: Kicki Moller
Producer: Anna Frey
Final mix: Tor Sigvardson





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