Rising sea levels threaten Copenhagen in the not too distant future

A few solutions to address the issue
As water levels rise by an average of 3.5mm worldwide each year, scientists and politicians are scrambling to mitigate climate-related flooding.

As London, Rotterdam and Venice have discovered, there are a few solutions.

In Venice, efforts are being made to secure a distance of more than a kilometer with a so-called MOSE barrier system. When the system is activated, air is blown into some ports, which then rise above the water.

In Denmark, there is talk of following a similar path.

Rambøll is working on a model that shoots bulkheads in from the side to close both the southern and northern parts of Copenhagen’s harbour.

However, it won’t be cheap. The solution is estimated to cost between two and three billion kroner.

Meanwhile, other researchers are calling for a national plan to protect 1,100 kilometers of dykes along the Danish coasts.

Source: The Nordic Page




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