Storm Otto will affect traffic in Copenhagen today

Line E and H axis
For example, Lines E and H will not be in operation after 18.00, while Line A between Hillerød and Køge and Line C between Frederikssund and Klampenborg will run every 20 minutes when possible.

Line B will run every 10 minutes and Line F will operate as normal.

Jens Lindskjold, who is a meteorologist at the national weather service DMI, urged residents to exercise caution as the evening progresses.

“Be sure to tie up loose items, as they can become a hazard if they start flying around in the wind,” he told the local media, KøbenhavnLIV.

“You can keep up to date with storm developments on the police Twitter account or listen to hourly updates on the radio.

The strong winds are expected to hit Copenhagen at around 18:00 and continue until after midnight before abating.

Source: The Nordic Page




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