A new online service for Ukrainian immigrants to apply for residence in Finland

A new online service for Ukrainian immigrants to apply for residence in Finland

Housing is essential for immigrants because it enables access to municipal services, including health and social services, childcare and education, and social benefits. Residence is determined based on the applicant’s place of residence, and it is not compulsory to apply for it. Applying is voluntary, but it is highly recommended for those who want to stay in Finland for a longer period of time.

DVV has prepared to process thousands of residential municipality applications in the spring, when 47,000 Ukrainians have fled the war to Finland. With the digitization of the application process, applicants can complete the process online, making it more comfortable and convenient. This is especially important for those who may be stressed due to the difficult circumstances that led them to leave their home country.

CEO of DVV Timo Salovaara has stated that the agency has been preparing for this service for months and has cooperated with various ministries and agencies to ensure its success. DVV is committed to making the process as easy as possible, and Ukrainian-speaking advisors are available to help with any application-related questions.

Residence does not affect citizenship and is not an obstacle if the applicant wants to return to Ukraine later. However, it brings with it certain rights and obligations, such as access to municipal services, and it is necessary to integrate into Finnish society. For those who have fled Ukraine, the homeland is an important step towards independence and a better future.

In conclusion, the online application service of the municipality of residence is an important step towards the life of immigrants fleeing the war in Ukraine. It gives them the opportunity to receive municipal services and influence Finnish society. With DVV’s support and guidance, they can apply online and get the advice they need to complete the process.

DVV has prepared instructions for those who have fled Ukraine and a website where the application form will also be published in March.


Source: The Nordic Page




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