More than 50,000 people seek temporary protection in Finland as a result of the conflict in Ukraine

More than 50,000 people seek temporary protection in Finland as a result of the conflict in Ukraine

Some of the children have also arrived in Finland without a guardian, usually in the company of relatives or family friends. All in all, around one in three arrivals is a child.

In January 2023, the Finnish Immigration Service announced the extension of residence permits granted on the basis of temporary protection until March 4, 2024. This means that those who have fled Ukraine do not need to do anything to get their permits extended, as the permits are valid. automatically renewed. Automation helped make 42,433 decisions in five days at the beginning of the year.

Those who have received temporary protection can apply for home municipality this year as well, after they have been in Finland for a year. The first of them can apply from March 1, 2023. Those who receive temporary protection in the residence are entitled to more extensive services than in the reception center.

According to the Finnish Immigration Service’s estimate, around 30,000 to 40,000 applicants for temporary protection will arrive in Finland in 2023. The reception system will be adapted as needed and the capacity of the reception centers will be increased or decreased accordingly.

Anyone applying for temporary protection in Finland should contact the police or border authorities. After this, the Finnish Immigration Service makes a decision on temporary protection. Protection can be granted to Ukrainian citizens who cannot return to Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. It can also be granted to citizens of countries outside the EU and countries outside the Schengen Agreement, as well as to persons who legally resided in Ukraine and fled the country due to the Russian invasion. Family members of Ukrainian citizens and family members who have received international protection or similar national protection in Ukraine can also receive protection if family ties were born in Ukraine before the Russian invasion.

In summary, it can be stated that the flow of refugees from Ukraine continues to affect Finland, and the Finnish Immigration Service is ready to adjust the capacity of the reception system accordingly. Extending residence permits and the possibility to apply for a municipality of residence bring some stability and opportunities to those who fled the war. As the conflict progresses, it remains to be seen how many new refugees will seek temporary protection in Finland and how the country will react to the ongoing crisis.


Source: The Nordic Page

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