The bears of the Helsinki Zoo wake up

The bears of the Helsinki Zoo wake up

Bears also enjoy scratching their thick winter fur in trees, snow and on a swing. They even slid down snowy hills looking for treats buried under the snow, freshly dug grass being a particular favorite.

According to the zookeepers, the bears slept exceptionally well while hibernating, and did not wake up once during the long sleep. They greeted their guardians alert and hungry and ate all the fruits and vegetables offered to them. During the winter, the bears lost about 50 kilos, or about a quarter of their body weight.

Despite their renewed energy, the bears still have the option of sleeping in their den during the day if they feel tired. However, due to their lighter diet, bears tend to be less active as the day progresses, moving indoors by mid-afternoon during the first week of awakening.

Last winter, the bears’ hibernation was interrupted in December when a broken water pipe flooded their den. This year the bears did not use that cave at all, but chose a new one instead. In recent years, the bears of Korkeasaari have typically woken up from their hibernation in February.

Bear hibernation is a significant physiological adaptation that allows them to survive the harsh winter months when food is scarce. During hibernation, the bear’s heart rate and body temperature slow down significantly, allowing it to conserve energy. Despite the long rest, bears are not completely dormant in hibernation, and may wake up from time to time to move, change positions, or even give birth.

In summary, the awakening of Korkeasaari’s bears is a welcome sign of the arrival of spring, which means the end of their hibernation and the beginning of a new year of research and play. The bears’ ability to hibernate is an impressive feat of nature that allows them to survive the winter months and emerge healthy and ready for the new season.
You can watch videos about bears here.


Source: The Nordic Page




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