One in eight full-time employees in Denmark is a foreigner

Ukrainians eager to work
Figures from ALMR also showed that the Ukrainians who fled to Denmark to escape Russia’s invasion have not been idle.

Of the nearly 12,500 who have been granted residence in Denmark and whom municipalities consider ready for work7,218 (58 percent) have found a job.

It is up to the individual municipalities to assess whether someone is ready for work based on their qualifications, competences and development potential. But they must be aged 16-66.

Language is one of the biggest barriers preventing Ukrainians from finding work, and Employment Minister Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen said the government wants to get more into language courses.

The top 10 sectors where Ukrainians have found work are:

– travel, cleaning or other service

– hotels and restaurants

– agriculture, forestry and fishing

– trade

– industry

– construction

– transport

– health and social services

– other service sectors

– education

Source: The Nordic Page

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