Culture Round-Up: Bollywood and bhajis on the beach under a bombardment of colors

As a way to encourage the gray days to give way to sunnier skies, and our dark attire to make way for lighter shades, a savior returns to Copenhagen in April.

The Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS-DK), the organizer of last August’s well-attended Indian Vegetarian Food Festival, is hitting up Østerbro once again, this time to replace the kitchen with a much-needed injection of color.

Over a thousand people are expected!

Lots of activities and performances
On 23 April, the Holi Festival of Colors takes over the Docken in Copenhagen to promote cultural diversity and mutual understanding between the capital’s many different communities, while also signaling the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil.

The ancient Hindu tradition of throwing colored powders into the air to create a beautiful rainbow of hues takes off from the stage, ably supported by an impressive line-up of Bollywood musical performances, delicious Indian street food and drinks and interactive activities.

Learn more via this link.

Clean table for the Iranian-Danes at Roberts
Every single winner at the Robert film prize was Danish – well, almost. While even the winners of Best English Language Film (‘Triangle of Sadness’) and Best Non-English Language Film (‘The Worst Person in the World’) were Danish co-productions, Iranian stars Zar Amir Ebrahimi and Arash Ashtiani took home the awards for best actress and best supporting actor for their performances in ‘Holy Spider’, the night’s big winner with 11 statuettes, including best feature and best director for Ali Abbasi. And it was also lucky 11 for Anders W Berthelsen, who finally won best male lead for ‘Bamse’ – his 11th acting nomination in 24 years of trying.

Sixty-five years of hard graft is not enough for a lifetime achievement
Neither Ian Burns nor Vivienne McKee walked away with the ‘Honorary Award of the Year’ – CPH’s Culture Award, which recognizes those who have made a “lifelong contribution to Danish theater as well as a very special contribution in 2022”. They enjoyed stellar years, marking the 25th and 40th anniversaries of That Theater Company and ‘Crazy Christmas Cabaret’ respectively, but it wasn’t enough to impress the jury, who instead fell for Ole Lemmeke, actor, audiobook reader and one-time model . .

Jack Bauer to spend 24 hours in Denmark
Kiefer Sutherland’s gang is coming to town – no, not Wild Guns or The Lost Boys, but his country-rock band, the star of ’24’ and countless other series and movies, is coming to Denmark to play a concert in Arena Aabenraa on July 14 . Since releasing his first album in 2016, Sutherland has been more focused on music than acting, and a second album duly followed in 2019. Buy tickets to see the Kiefer Sutherland Band via

New DFI website for preschool children
The Danish Film Institute has launched a new website dedicated to pre-school children called ‘Børnebiffen i dagtilbud’. Aimed at children aged 3-6, the website makes use of 400 short films that bombard youngsters with images and sound designed to spark their imaginations and encourage fun, creative and educational activities. The overall goal is to encourage the children to become media users, but in a healthy way – both at home and in day care.

KFTS headmaster announces surprise resignation
Stuart Lynch is stepping down as head of KFTS after ten years as head of the Copenhagen film and theater school. Recently profiled by CPH POST, the British-Australian explained that he wanted to return to his first love: directing and performing theatre. Over the past 10 years, he has played a key role in turning around the school’s fortunes – a revival recently recognized by the awarding of BA degrees to graduates. Lynch’s last day will be May 31.

The court is investigating how a Bornholm museum lost more than 10 weapons
A Bornholm court has heard how 13-15 weapons have disappeared from Bornholm’s Defense Museum in recent years. Kastellets Venner Bornholm is accused of violating the Arms Act with insufficient provisions to secure a stockpile of 180 weapons and ammunition, which included 24 machine guns, 96 rifles, 63 revolvers and pistols and six hand grenades. One of the machine guns was used in a crime in 2020 after being stolen by a man on behalf of his son. A verdict is expected today.

The bodies left crushed using paraffin oil
One of Denmark’s most talked about TV programs is ‘Mortal Dream Bodies‘, a DR documentary about the growing trend among bodybuilders to inject themselves with paraffin oil. Last autumn, the practice claimed its first victim, and the documentary reveals how Herlev Hospital has seen case numbers mushroom from one in 2018 to 202 in 2022.

New Ukrainian cultural center opens
A new cultural center dedicated to Ukrainians in Denmark will officially open at Gammel Dok Strandgade 27 in the Copenhagen neighborhood of Christianshavn on Friday. Minister of Culture Jakob Engel-Schmidt will be among those present at the official opening of Ukraine House in Denmark at 3:30 p.m., which will include an exhibition of war-inspired Ukrainian art entitled ‘The Muses are not silent’, a panel debate on the importance of art for the resistance struggle and Ukraine’s future as well as snacks and refreshments.

Source: The Nordic Page

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