Many displaced Ukrainians want to stay in Denmark

Many displaced Ukrainians want to stay in Denmark

Most from northern or eastern Ukraine
From a gender perspective, it is clear that men want to stay in Denmark more than women.

About half of adult men in Denmark want to stay, while only about a third of women said they would stay. It is interesting considering that 80 percent of displaced Ukrainians in Denmark are women.

The survey also shed light on which part of Ukraine the refugees come from – around 70 percent come from either the north (an area that includes Kiev) or the east (areas that are or were under Russian occupation). See the picture below.

(photo: Ministry of Immigration)

About one in five respondents owned a home in Ukraine that had been damaged during the war.

“This week marks one year since the first displaced persons from Ukraine arrived in Denmark after Russia’s invasion,” said Immigration Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek.

“Many Ukrainians have managed to find work. And the survey shows that the vast majority of those who are not working are trying to find work.”

So far, over 30,000 Ukrainians have come to Denmark in an attempt to escape the war.

See the complete survey results here.

Source: The Nordic Page




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