YLE: The majority of Finnish parties are ready to join NATO before Sweden, if necessary

YLE: The majority of Finnish parties are ready to join NATO before Sweden, if necessary

The Center, the Christian Democrats, the Fundamental Finns, Movement Now and Kokoomus considered that Finland should join the alliance before its western neighbor if necessary.

Conversely, the Left Alliance was the only party that expressed its categorical opposition to joining ahead of Sweden. The Greens, the Social Democrats and the Swedish People’s Party refused to comment.

Finland should be prepared for the possibility that Sweden’s membership process will face a longer-term obstacle, the Fundamental Finns argued.

“What else could we do?” asked the chairman of the populist right-wing opposition party. Riikka Purra. – The problem is not in our own hands. Finland must be ready to act in that case as well.

Petteri OrpoThe chairman of the coalition agrees: “Finland should be ready to join NATO alone if Sweden runs into a permanent obstacle.”

The Left Alliance claimed that delaying Sweden’s accession is not in Finland’s interest.

“It is harmful to the credibility of NATO as a whole that states that apparently meet the membership criteria are kept outside waiting for the resolution of Turkey’s domestic political mess,” stated. Lee Anderssonthe chairman of the ruling left-wing party.

The parties gave their answers on the 2nd to the 16th. February.

foreign minister Pekka Haavisto (The Greens) said on Saturday that Turkey considers that Finland has met the membership criteria, but further negotiations are needed with Sweden. Turkey has also previously hinted at the possibility of ratifying two membership applications at different times.

The Parliament, in turn, has decided to complete its part of the process before the parliamentary elections to ensure that the process moves forward as soon as possible after the two remaining governments, Hungary and Turkey, have ratified the membership application.

However, it is unclear whether Finland will join the alliance immediately after ratification or wait for its western neighbor.

Parliamentary elections will be held on April 2.

The survey also revealed that the majority of parliamentary parties would set defense allocations at two percent of gross domestic product, as required by NATO. Basic Finns and the Coalition were the only parties that estimated defense spending to exceed the two percent limit.

“If the security situation worsens, it is possible that we will need even more investment in security. But it definitely has to be more than two,” Orpo said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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