Air India flight from New York en route to Delhi was diverted to Sweden after technical fault

Air India flight from New York en route to Delhi was diverted to Sweden after technical fault

By Ashoke Raj New Delhi [India]February 22 (ANI): Air India Delhi flight from New York had to land in Sweden’s capital Stockholm after encountering technical glitches on Wednesday.

Air India flight AI 106 had about 300 passengers. There was panic among the passengers after the cockpit crew announced that the flight was diverted to an airport in Sweden due to a technical fault. All passengers are safe.

“Air India flight AI 106 from Newark to Delhi developed a technical glitch and was diverted to Sweden, (Stockholm) airport safely,” an Air India official told ANI.

After reporting a technical snag, the flight was diverted to Stockholm. Several firefighters rushed towards the aircraft upon arrival at Stockholm airport.

“Fear gripped the nearly 300 passengers on board as a large number of fire engines rushed to the Stockholm airport,” a source told ANI.

Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said the Air India flight reported an oil leak from the engine.

“The Air India flight Newark to Delhi was diverted to Stockholm, Sweden due to oil leakage from the aircraft engine,” the DGCA said.

Air India has deployed Boeing B-777 aircraft for long-haul routes, especially for the US.

Air India’s statement on the above diversion is awaited.

Earlier on Monday, an Air India flight from New York to Delhi (AI 102) was diverted to London due to an on-board medical emergency. After landing at Heathrow Airport, the passenger was taken to a London hospital.

“Air India ground staff at Heathrow have been forced to evacuate the affected person to hospital,” an Air India official told ANI. (ANI)


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