Therefore, Putin is pushing for revenge

Therefore, Putin is pushing for revenge

UN chief Antonio Guterres says that we are not even sleepwalking – but with our eyes wide open – towards a wider conflict.

At the same time, experts assess that Russia is gathering strength and wants a revenge after years of failed tactics and replaced generals.

Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy have resisted the war in a way that Vladimir Putin had not anticipated.

The war affects Swedish defence

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has changed, and worsened, the security policy situation and also in Sweden, the armed forces have gained new insights into capabilities – and shortcomings.

– We must create a much stronger ability to handle the threat from drones, says Carl-Johan Edström, lieutenant general and head of the Armed Forces’ operations management.


  • Joakim Paasikivi, lieutenant colonel and strategy teacher at the Norwegian Defense Academy.

  • Carl-Johan Edström, lieutenant general and head of the Armed Forces’ operations management.

  • Carolina Vendil Pallin, research leader at the Total Defense Research Institute, FOI.

    Program manager: Bo Torbjörn Ek and Sarah Sundberg

    Producer: Karin Hållsten, Pernilla Kommes

    Technician: Glate Öhman

    Audio from: Sveriges Radio, SVT, CNN, Reuters, AFP, The Telegraph, Russian Ministry of Defence


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